The Akina team has coached and trained hundreds of lawyers across the country at large, mid-sized and small firms. Akina’s professionals have worked in-house at law firms and other organizations, either practicing law or helping build, implement and lead a wide range of sales, marketing and professional development initiatives.

Debra Baker, Managing Director

Debra Baker is a journalist, turned lawyer, turned entrepreneur focused on helping law firms drive revenue and expand client relationships in a profession undergoing dramatic change. With more than 20 years of experience working in the legal market, she leverages market data, competitive intelligent and innovation design concepts to help lawyers rethink the way they … Continue reading Debra Baker

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Amy Dordek, Managing Director

Amy is the co-founder of GrowthPlay, a sales effectiveness consulting firm. She has more than 25 years of experience in the professional services and consulting industry. Known as a trusted advisor and for helping clients achieve their critical business objectives, she has worked with major global corporations in the Midwest across multiple industries. Having served … Continue reading Amy Dordek

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Tasneem Khokha, Managing Director

  Tasneem has spent over fifteen years in the professional services space working with lawyers and other professionals to grow their businesses and helping firms make the most of their relationships with their clients, their talent and their recruits. Prior to joining Akina, Tasneem was a partner and the Director of Marketing at Katten Muchin … Continue reading Tasneem Khokha

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Deborah Knupp, Managing Director

Deborah Knupp has worked globally with CEOs, Managing Partners and Professionals (lawyers, accountants, wealth advisors, etc.) as a coach and business executive for 25 years. She has helped these leaders align their people and business objectives to create cultures based on the principles of accountability, integrity and authentic relationships. Her work focuses on making the … Continue reading Deborah Knupp

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Alycia Sutor, Managing Director

Alycia has more than nineteen years’ experience helping lawyers, executives and managers rethink how they approach leadership, culture development, teaming, and business development challenges. As a partner at Akina, she is particularly passionate about helping individuals make an impact in how they lead, work and sell by helping them understand and leverage their strengths and … Continue reading Alycia Sutor

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David J. Auker, Director, Business Development

Dave brings over 25 years of unique, executive-level sales experience within law firms and professional sports organizations. Before joining Akina, Dave served as Chief Client Relations Officer at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP, where he oversaw the client development activities for the firm, provided internal business development coaching and conducted client service interviews to gauge … Continue reading David J. Auker

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Holly Barocio, Principal Consultant

Holly has worked in the legal industry for over 10 years. As the former head of a marketing and client services department and recruiting manager of a mid-size law firm, Holly brings a broader understanding of the importance of developing a law firm’s greatest asset—its people. She has led strategic business development initiatives that strengthen … Continue reading Holly Barocio

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Amy Drysdale, Principal Consultant

Amy Drysdale has 15 years of experience designing powerful strategies to help professionals (lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, investors, etc.) engage with their clients and industries in new ways. Over the years, Amy has built a reputation for helping high-potential partners and firm leaders grow to the next level. She conducts one-on-one coaching with high-achievers, helping them … Continue reading Amy Drysdale

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Brianna Leung, Principal Consultant

Brianna Leung draws from nearly two decades of experience working with and for professional services firms to help business leaders reach new levels of success leveraging marketing and business development strategy.  An engaging presenter, facilitator, and trainer, Brianna’s strength is in helping professionals solve their business challenges by gaining a better understanding of the human … Continue reading Brianna Leung

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Carolyn Sklar, Principal Consultant

Carolyn has more than 25 years of experience helping lawyers and other professionals align talent capability with business goals. With her help, they have brought clarity to business strategy, built talent capability, achieved desired outcomes and generated firm revenue. Carolyn is particularly passionate about helping professionals and their teams solve problems and develop the knowledge … Continue reading Carolyn Sklar

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Megan Wilroy, Principal Consultant

Megan Wilroy has over ten years of experience helping both large and midsize firms grow their revenue, develop deeper client loyalty, and create market interest in their services. Before joining Akina, Megan served as a senior business development and marketing leader responsible for developing firm-wide, practice and industry specific business development and marketing strategy and … Continue reading Megan Wilroy

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Much has been said about the decline of the current law firm business model. Join us here for a new conversation around building a truly great law firm.

Akina is certified as a women’s business enterprise through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S.