We are passionate about what we do, and we teach what works. Our firm’s success is rooted in eight essential Core Values:


We know that growth happens when we focus on building authentic relationships rooted in trust, genuine care and mutuality. Akina exacts an “authenticity test” to every coaching, training and consulting engagement to ensure what we teach helps others find the best, most authentic, version of themselves from working with us.


We are passionate about helping clients create organizations where customers want to buy, talented employees want to build a career, and leaders want to serve a greater purpose through other-centered problem solving and solution providing.


We meet clients where they are and provide a “one-size fits one” solution rooted in appreciative inquiry and client strengths. Our frameworks and methodologies are sensible, practical, and concretely actionable. As a result, clients are able to create sustainable behavior changes to consistently generate results over time.


Akina’s approach is built on authentic passion and integrity; we don’t preach anything we don’t practice. As a result, our clients experience first-hand our approach to relationship building, problem solving and service – an approach that is built on maximizing value and creating a great client experience.


While technologies and virtual platforms allow client “connection,” we do as much of our work as possible in-person with our clients as opportunities and economics permit. Practically speaking, this means we do the majority of our coaching in-person, to develop strong relationships with each individual. We also build a client interview process into every engagement, so that we intimately understand and can leverage each client’s objectives, interests, strengths, passions and existing activity.


Akina clients consistently describe our approach as refreshing, direct and extremely pragmatic. We believe that doing a few simple things with excellence and consistency are often the best strategy. We work with clients to help them pare back activity or tweak current activities to create better focus, greater efficiency and effective results. Ultimately, our goal is to help people find “their voice” from their authentic strengths such that they are able to sustainably produce the outcomes they desire.


We believe that what you do is far less important than how you do it. As a result, our consulting and training approach is entirely geared toward high impact execution. We work with clients to figure out an approach that makes sense for the relationship. Then we help them decide how to take action and execute. Often, that means helping a client figure out the right words to say, or the appropriate approach for a particular conversation. Other times, that may include meeting with a larger client or practice team to derive clarity around appropriate yet specific action steps, who will take them, and by when. We help clients be their word by helping them implement and execute consistently.


Akina has adapted the triple bottom line concept, more widely used in the corporate world, to professional services firms. We believe that for a firm to truly be sustainable, they must

Drive profitability through quality revenue

Invest in authentic relationships with talented and valuable people

Create sustainable resources that benefit the firm, the client and the planet

We do as we teach and promote an environment where you can find the best version of yourself.

Much has been said about the decline of the current law firm business model. Join us here for a new conversation around building a truly great law firm.

Akina is certified as a women’s business enterprise through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S.

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